The Azure DevOps PowerShell Module

PowerShell Module for interacting with Azure Dev Ops

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This project was born out of my own laziness when it came to calculating and updating my tasks in Azure Dev Ops. Which is why it’s started out with a very lite set of cmdlets. But I plan on expanding the available cmdlets to mange work items but builds, releases, and various other aspects of the day to day life of a person who works primarily out of the Azure Dev Ops environment.

To get people started and make some value out right the module is designed to be scripted around to meet your own needs. Have a specific workflow involving updating tasks you want to script or automate? Use the Get-AzureDevOpsWorkItem cmdlet to pull down the work item in its native form, make your updates and use the Update-AzureDevOpsWorkItem cmdlet to push your changes to your project.

Want to install the module? Just run:

Install-Module -Name AzureDevOpsMgmt -Repository PSGallery -Scope:CurrentUser

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