The Azure DevOps PowerShell Module

PowerShell Module for interacting with Azure Dev Ops

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Cmdlet List

Locally Executing Cmdlets

Cmdlet Name Description
Add-AzureDevOpsAccount Adds an Azure Dev Ops Account to the configuration repository
Add-AzureDevOpsAccountProject Adds an individual project from the account to the account object in the configuration repository
Add-AzureDevOpsPatToken Adds your PAT token to the windows credential manager and stores the tokens GUID, generated by the module, and its friendly name in the configuration repository
Get-AzureDevOpsAccount Displays a list of accounts currently stored in the configuration repository
Get-AzureDevOpsPatToken Display a list of PAT Tokens currently stored in the configuration repository
Join-AzureDevOpsAccountAndPatToken Links an account in the configuration repository to a PAT token in the configuration repository
Remove-AzureDevOpsAccount Removes the specified account from the configuration repository
Remove-AzureDevOpsAccountProject Remove the Project from the specified Account in the configuration repository
Remove-AzureDevOpsPatToken Removes the Token meta-data from the configuration repository as well as the associated Token from the Windows Credential manager
Set-AzureDevOpsAccountContext Sets the Account and project that future cmdlets will be executing against. This must be run prior to the execution of any cmdlets that interact with the Azure Dev Ops Rest API
Get-AzureDevOpsStartUpAccount Displays your configured start up account. I.E. the account that is set as the current account context when the module is imported.
Set-AzureDevOpsStartUpAccount This cmdlet allows you set configure a default account that you want to have set as the current context when the module loads.

Cmdlets that execute against the Azure Dev Ops Rest API

Cmdlet Name Description
Get-AzureDevOpsWorkItem Retrieves a single work item from the Project / Account
Get-AzureDevOpsWorkItemFields Retrieves a list of all fields in the project used in All work item types
Update-AzureDevOpsWorkItem Takes a work item as input, compares it to the work item on the server, generates, and sends a patch file to update all changed properties of the work item provided.
Get-AzureDevOpsRelease Gets a release from the release pipeline using a combination of DefinitionId and Id (if specified).
Get-AzureDevOpsBuild Gets a single build by specifying BuildId or get all builds for one or multiple build definitions by specifying the BuildDefinitionIds.
Approve-AzureDevOpsReleaseStep Marks a release step as approved for continued processing.

Cmdlets that help automate common tasks

Cmdlet Name Description
Update-AzureDevOpsRemainingWork Takes a time span string as input (the amount of time spent on a task), performs some calculations, and updates the work item with new values for completed and remaining work.